ZAN Headgear

NEO-X Half Mask with Bamboo Filter

Sku: WNX128H3

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The ZANheadgear 3-Panel Neo-X offers optimal protection from the elements by providing coverage of the neck and face. Back by popular demand, ZANheadgear brought back the Neo-X and dramatically improved the fit by combining it with the 3-panel mask. Featuring a replaceable, soft bamboo fiber filter that creates an antibacterial barrier against dust and debris. Including an adjustable metal nose piece and neoprene lip to prevent fogging. Each mask comes with three biodegradable filters.


  • Adjustable metal nosepiece: Ensures a comfortable, secure fit
  • Replaceable antibacterial bamboo filter: 3 biodegradable filters included to protect against airborne debris and can be easily replaced
  • Neoprene Lip: In conjunction with the metal nose piece, the lip effectively aids in inhibiting fogging
  • Air vents: Offer ventilation for the ease of breathing
  • Nylon bound edges: For durability and better fit