Event 1- GP TRACK 3/16/2024

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Event 1: A 1-mile, high speed track with a variety of sweeping turns, bumps and jumps. A two-race event. Each race will consist of 1-lap around the GP Track. Points will be awarded for each race. 


• Event winners will be based on the Total points awarded for that event.

• Payout for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each class.

• Series winners will be the sum of total points from any 6 races.



• Each race will award points based on final time.

• DNF - racers will receive points based on the total distance traveled

before stopping.

• DNS – racers will receive 0 points for any race where the the vehicle

could not be driven under its own power across the starting line.

1st – 15 Points

2nd – 12 Points

3rd – 10 Points

4th – 8 Points

5th – 6 Points

6th – 5 Points

7th – 4 Points

8th – 3 Points

9th – 2 Points

Vehicle Requirements: (See Rules and Regulations for additional details)

• All Classes: All drivers are require to wear helmet

• Unlimited Class: Any UTV or costume built off road vehicle. No tire size,

engine size and modification restrictions.

• Stock 1000 (Non-Turbo): Commercially available UTV with a 1000cc or

less. Tires, Suspension and exhaust modifications are acceptable.

• UTV Young Guns: Driver must be 15 or younger as of January 1 2024.

UTV is limited to Stock 900cc or less

• 4-Wheeler: Open to any 4 wheeler regardless of size

• Motorcycle: Open to any Motorcycle regardless of size


(No reviews yet) Write a Review