Rent A Go-Pro

Rent a GoPro with your rental experience

  • To reserve a GoPro online please click the link here -->>>>  RENT MY GOPRO!   When renting be sure to inform the day you'll be renting from us! 

  • For all our Iron Mountain customers we ask you to have our cameras returned by 5:00pm

  • For your best experience with the cameras make sure that you check the camera during your riding and make sure that the red light is still on and flashing. This tells you that the camera is still recording. Batteries die over the usage of the camera and we don't want you to not record your adventure! If your battery dies contact us or come see us to get a fresh one! 

  • We encourage all our Iron Mountain customers to check the cameras before switching trails. It's very rare, but incase a camera gets knocked off your helmet or vehicle it'll make it much easier to find. 

  • When returning our cameras please hand it to one of the staff members of Iron Mountain at the front check-in counter with all the attachments (not the adhesive) you rented with it to prevent charges for the replacement equipment. 

  • We only accept credit cards